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Data Analytics + ML Using Python

Master Advanced Data Analytics Tools by solving Real-Life Analytical Problems using Python.

Python Programming language is powerful open source language. Learn the basics of Python language along with its data analytical tools / predefined libraries which will enhance your current Data Analytical skills

It is developed with data science tools and which are used to simplify and access the data and store the data easily. With the help of Python language/ tools we can easily manipulate, analyse and cleanse the data. It can also be used to create the visualizations to access the quality content reporting.

Also this course serves as a bridge for non technical students to enter into the world of data science with  the help of Python Language.

What you will learn

  • Basics of Python Programming.
  • Learn about variables and data types
  • Learn about the Numpy, Pandas, Seaborn, Matplotlib and other predefined libraries.
  • Learn the basics as well as advanced visualization techniques.
  • Learn about Regular expressions and date time objects in Python
  • EDA
  • Use Python to solve real-world tasks
  • Learn about searching, sorting and time complexity in python.
  • Machine Learning Concepts-Intermediate
  • Work on real time Python Projects.

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Topics for this course

53 Lessons29h 59m 59s

Python Introduction and its scope

Python Installation

Python Basics


NUMPY : Mathematical Computing with Python


Matplotlib : Python for Data Visualization

Seaborn: Python Data Visualization

EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA))

Data Cleaning

Data Visualization

Machine Learning Basics+Intermediate

Data Analysis with python project. (4)

  • Course level: Expert
  • Duration 29h 59m 59s