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Master Advanced Data Analytics by solving Real-Life Analytics Problems using Python.

Python Programming language is powerful open source language. It is developed with data science tool and which is used to simplify and easily access the data and store the data easily. By Python Programming language we can easily manipulate the data, also it can help in the analysis of Data, and we can create the wonderful visualization and helps to access the high-quality content. This Data Analytics Using Python Training provides you to learn data manipulation and cleaning of data using Python.

What you will learn

  • Start coding in Python and learn how to use it for statistical analysis
  • Learn about variables and data types
  • Learn about the Numpy, Scipy and the Pandas library.
  • Learn the basics as well as advanced visualization techniques.
  • Learn about Regular expressions and date time objects in Python
  • Quizzes and exercises
  • Use Python to solve real-world tasks
  • Learn how to use of group by functions, pivoting functions.
  • Learn about searching, sorting and time complexity in python.

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Topics for this course

29h 59m 59s

Time Duration: 3 Months

Overview of Data science

Data Analytics Overview

Why Data Analytics using Python

Python Introduction

Python installation

Working with python

Basic syntax and first program

Variable : Naming convention , Scope

Data Types & Type Casting


Conditional Statements: If, If-else, Elif, Nested if-else





Set , set operators

Arithmetic operators : Logical, comparison

Operations (append, extend, sort, pop, insert, remove, count, max, min, count, length, index)

Mathematical Computing with python : NumPy

Scientific Computing with Python: SciPy

Data Manipulation with Pandas

Python for Data Visualization-Matplotlib

Python Data Visualization – Seaborn

Statistics & Probability

EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis)

Data Cleaning

Data Visualization

Query Analysis

  • Course level: Expert
  • Duration 29h 59m 59s