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Interested in Learning Power BI, Upskill yourself.

Innozant offers you Mastering MS Power BI Course. In this video course you will get pre-recorded video lectures. These topics are arranged in a sequential manner to give you a comprehensive insight into the Power BI tool. Along with videos you will be provided with other resources and assignments. The aim behind crafting this video course is to deliver the learning at your own flexible time and pace.


Life time accessibility

Flexibility to learn at your own time and pace with no interruptions.

28+ pre-recorded video lectures

Topics covered in sequential manner in full depth.

Assignments and other resources.

Doubt sessions: Once or twice a month

Certificate on completion

What you will learn:

  • Get to know the different tools of the Power BI and learn how to use them
  • Understand Power BI Desktop and its components
  • Learn how to use the Query Editor to connect Power BI to various source types
  • How to work on the Data Model and understand the difference between those two steps
  • How to work in the different views of the Data Model
  • How to create calculated columns and measures
  • How to build relationships between different tables
  • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX): Creating calculated columns, measures, and custom tables.
  • How to create a report & Dashboards with different interactive visualization types
  • Learn how to use Power BI Service (= Power BI Pro) to create dashboards and to share and publish your results
  • How to access your results from multiple devices using Power BI Mobile
  • And more!

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Topics for this course

81 Lessons30h 59m 59s

Lecture:1 – Power BI Introduction?

Basics of Power BI
Power BI Introduction00:25:19
Resources: Lecture-1 Power BI Introduction

Lecture:2- Mini Project Demo

Lecture:3 – Data Transformation-1

Lecture:4 – Data Transformation-2

Lecture:5 – Data Transformation-3

Lecture:6 – Data Transformation-4

Lecture:7 – Data Transformation-5

Lecture:8 – Data Transformation-6

Lecture:9 – Advanced Data Transformation

Lecture:10 – R Scripting

Lecture:11- M Language-Introduction

Lecture:12 – M Language-Text Function

EXTRAZ UPDATED -1-M Language-Date Function

EXTRAZ UPDATED -2-List Record & Table

Lecture:13 – Data Modelling Introduction

EXTRAZ UPDATED -3- Data Modelling

EXTRAZ UPDATED -4- Data Import-SQL Server-MYSQL Installation

Lecture:14 – Data Visualization-1

Lecture:15 – Data Visualization-2

Lecture:16 – Data Visualization-3

Lecture:17 – Data Visualization-4

Lecture-18: – Data Analysis Expression(DAX)-1

Lecture:19: – Data Analysis Expression(DAX)-2

Lecture:20 – Data Analysis Expression(DAX)-3

Lecture:21 – Data Analysis Expression(DAX)-4

Lecture:22 – Data Analysis Expression(DAX)-5

EXTRAZ UPDATED-5-Data Analysis Expression(DAX)

Lecture:23 – Data Analysis Expression(DAX)-6

Lecture:24 – Data Analysis Expression(DAX)-7

Lecture:25 – Variable and Visualize

Lecture:26 – Power BI Service-1

Lecture:27 – Power BI Service-2

Lecture:28 – Row Level Security

Lecture-29-Report & Dashboard-1

Lecture-30-Report & Dashboard-2

Lecture-31-Report & Dashboard-3

Lecture-32-Report & Dashboard-4

Report & Dashboard-5


BI Interview Resources & Assignment Master

Power BI MCQ Practice Set


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It was wonderful video course. Dilip Sir teach via this video in simple language.


  • Course level: Expert
  • Duration 30h 59m 59s