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SQL Analytics + PL/SQL + Forms & Reports

Oracle Database 12c is the first relational database designed for the Cloud. Oracle Multitenant is new in Oracle Database 12c and provides a highly secure, multitenant database architecture that makes it easier to develop for the Cloud by relieving developers of the need to code multitenancy at the application level.

Learn the SQL essentials using SQL developer on Windows. This course offers students an introduction to Oracle database technology. In this class students will learn the concept of relational databases and the powerful SQL programming language. This course provides the essential skills that allow developers to write queries against single and multiple tables, manipulate data in tables, create database objects and query metadata. Demonstrations and hands-on practice reinforce the fundamental concepts. In this course students use Oracle SQL Developer on Windows as a main development tool.

This course focuses on teaching students to use oracle form developer. This course counts towards the hands-on course requirement for the Oracle forms developer certified professional certification. Participants learn how to design and build a variety of standard and custom web and paper reports using Oracle reports developer working in the Declarative environment of reports builder participants learn how to retrieve display and format data from any data source in numerous reporting styles and publish the output to any destination.


Interest in Oracle and SQL.
These are mostly commands which you have to execute like create a table, update table entries.

What Will You Learn:

  • Create tables in a database and ALTER columns in the table.
  • Know what data type to use in various situations, and use functions to manipulate date, number and string data values.
  • Retrieve data using SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING and ORDER BY.
  • JOIN two or more tables’ together, finding missing data.
  • INSERT new data, UPDATE and DELETE existing data, and export data into a new table.
  • Create constraints, views and sequences, sub queries and CTEs
  • Use UNION, CASE, MERGE and error checking
  • Apply ranking and analytic functions, grouping
  • Learn about transactions, indexes, users, privileges, roles and more

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Topics for this course

99h 59m 59s

Training Duration Regular: 6 Months

SQL Analytics + PL/SQL + Forms + Reports

SQL : Please check syllabus under SQL & PL/SQL

PL/SQL : Please check syllabus under SQL & PL/SQL

Oracle Forms : Introducing Oracle forms developer and forms services

Oracle application server 12c architecture

Benefits and components of Oracle developer Suite 12c

Running a forms developer application

Creating forms modules

Overview of design and runtime interface

Working with data blocks and frames

Working with input items, non input items

Working with Windows and Canvas

Creating runtime and design time editor

Creating and using design time and runtime property class visual attributes

Creating and using application procedure function and package

Creating design time and runtime list of values

Introducing record group and its types

Producing triggers, debugging triggers

Adding functionality to items

When time message and alerts

Query validation navigation Trigger

Transaction processing

Sharing objects and code

Creating and changing connection at runtime

Sending output in all types of file through forms

Introducing runtime and compile time errors

Using set and get property

Changing property at runtime and design time

Using Dynamic SQL in Oracle forms

Introducing multiple form applications

Advance forms : File handling operation through forms

Introducing timers

Development of Runtime environment

Design application on tree structure

Handling sequence of triggers

Creating and using forms parameters

Using webutil to interact with the client

Oracle reports: Introduction to Oracle reports developer

Enterprise reporting

Oracle reports services

Oracle IAS reports services architecture for the web

Designing and running reports

Enhancing a Basic paper report

Managing report templates

Create a web report

Enhancing reports using the data model queries and Groups

Handling reports using the data model data sources

Enhancing reports using the data model creating columns

Enhancing reports using the paper layout

Control the paper layout common properties

Controlling the paper layout specific properties

Web reporting

Extending functionality using XML

Creating and using report library

Formatting report at design and runtime

Extending function Using s r w package

Building reports efficiency guidelines

Advance reports : Ref (reference) cursor reports

Creating drill down report

Calling a web report web through hyperlink in reports

Overview of report advance Trigger

Managing report server

Using Dynamic SQL in reports

  • Course level: Expert
  • Duration 99h 59m 59s