Wireless Internet

Take the lead -Wireless Net:Wireless broadband is technology that provides high-speed wireless Internet access or computer networking access over a wide area.Wireless networks can feature data rates roughly equivalent to some wired networks.Wireless networks can also be symmetrical, meaning the same rate in both directions (downstream and upstream), which is most commonly associated with fixed wireless networks.
Residential Wireless Internet
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Wireless Internet

Netix Flavours of Wireless Freedom

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Netix advance benifit 'Wireless'

  • Convenience – The wireless nature of such networks allows users to access network resources from nearly any convenient location within their primary networking environment (a home or office)
  • Mobility – With the emergence of public wireless networks, users can access the internet even outside their normal work environment.
  • Productivity – Users connected to a wireless network can maintain a nearly constant affiliation with their desired network as they move from place to place.
  • Deployment – Initial setup of an infrastructure-based wireless network requires little more than a single access point.
  • Expandability – Wireless networks can serve a suddenly-increased number of clients with the existing equipment.