Website Maintenance

Perception Matters-Your credibility depends on your website.

Today’s consumer uses an organization’s website to shape their opinions. Your organization’s online credibility can be impacted by outdated content, broken links, security concerns and a myriad of functions the modern consumer has come to expect. Innozant website maintenance service team works with you to keep your website as professional as you are.
Let us make your website changes you need as often as you like. We work on YOUR team to ensure your website remains current and functional without stealing your wallet. Getting started is fast, simple, and secure.Think of us as your in-house website maintenance and improvement team. Just send us your updates and change requests and consider them done. Your work will be completed promptly and exactly as requested.

Web Maintenance

Relax. Leave the web fuss with us.WEBSITE FITNESS IS IMPORTANT!

We believe that making a web site is not a one time affaire, it's a lifelong commitment...
At Innozant, we don't treat making a web site as a single isolated assignment, but rather a lifelong commitment. A web site is the critical first impression of your company for your visitors. It should be fresh and dynamic at all times.Timely updates for your precious web site. Implemented by Innozant.
Website maintenance by team Innozant

  • Adding/Deleting/Updating site products
  • Removing and replacing old news items and press releases
  • Removing and correcting broken links to internal and external sites
  • Replacing and updating images
  • Updating staff profiles or recruitment information
  • keeping your blog updated with fresh content
  • adding new functionality (online store, blog, gallery, forms, etc.)
  • upgrading your CMS or plugins
  • regular reviews to pinpoint beneficial improvement options & many more


FITNESS GURU :Innozant takes pride in being website fitness guru with a successful track record of keeping the site's health fit in more than 97% projects. Once we deliver the website our relation just starts, we always stay in touch with the client and take care of the site's health. Any kind of maintenance, bug fixing or updating are done by our maintenance team.
BENEFITS :1.Keeps your loyal customer with you always
2.Puts you in the leading seat having all the latest features and flexibility in site
3.Keeps up with browser updates hence always browser compatible.
4.keeps up with mobile OS release hence always cross-platform compatible.