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About Netix Broadband

Netix Fibernet Broadband is Service oriented quality Internet & IT Service Provider started by progressive youngsters band.An innovative organization that has driven changes in this industry by taking the lead in providing affordable broadband access to home users and corporates, when it was thought to be impossible and still continues to do so. Today we provide with the one of the cheapest internet services in the city Over thousands of clients trust us with their business-critical needs. Our unconventional thinking, personalised service, solid business principles and providing more than we commit for makes us stand apart in this industry.

Netix Business & Commitment

Incorporated in 2015,Netix Broadband is One of the fast growing independent quality oriented internet service provider in Delhi/NCR, Netix offers offers a one-stop shop for all your broadband needs with solutions & high speed Internet through Fiber optic & radio to residential & corporate users.

Netix : your partner -High Speed Fiber Broadband

Netix-Bringing Superfast Broadband to the heart of your community.We follow transparency in work and believe in maintaining integrity.We have always measured our success based on the success of our clients.We are committed to after-sales support and follow-up.With us, the possibilities are endless. We are committed to provide you unparelelled internet services & solutions at affordable & competitive price.

Internet Service Provider

Specialised Services

Broadband is the common term for a high bandwidth internet connection, which can send or download information many times faster than the one with a standard cable modem. You can browse; check your email and all other online activities, more quickly and more easily with Broadband. Netix offer number of customized packages to satisfy your need which is the result of continuous market research.You can pick just the right one for you.The speed can reach up to your expectation even beyond that.Enjoy the freedom of unlimited data uses plan & Night Plan of Netix Broadband.

Dedicated LEASE LINE Internet
Internet connectivity has become the priority for the business organizations looking for better and faster global operations. Increasingly customers are demanding Leased Internet Access, so that they are connected 24 hours to the Internet and all the users in the organization are on-line. Netix offers high performance internet bandwidth services for its customers which could be offered over any kind of last mile.Allowing symmetric (both uplink and downlink are of the same speed) web access to the customer very much necessary for modern age service usage.Internet Lease Line is the latest and fastest mode of connection to the Internet to the Internet World.

WIRELESS Broadband Internet
WiFi has become an emerging mode in delivering data services in recent years.Business is no longer stationary, and therefore enabling wireless access to business resources on- and off-site is essential. Netix combines WLAN planning and design with integrated Web capabilities creating seamless mobile and remote services for clients.

Value Added

Netix broadband not only offers you superior Internet bandwidth but also comes with an attractive bouquet of value added services to make your broadband experience more fulfilling –SUPPORT Customer service is the most important aspect of our business.
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