Dedicated Resource Provider

Hire dedicated resources for design & development

In a world where a pizza arrives at your doorstep within 30 minutes, we swear to deliver any task that has been assigned to us within the given timeframe. A completely dedicated team with highly resourceful softwares covers every nook and corner of your task with utmost precision.
Rely on Us. We don't break hearts.

A cohesive team of expert professionals

We, at Innozant, swear by deadlines and never fail to deliver on time. Our approach of partnering with clients and understand their needs first and not ‘pushing’ a ready solution plays a pivotal role in achieving time-bound projects. We break down the complex business goals and bridge gaps between management problems and their technology-based solutions. Our assessment process before taking up a new assignment leaves no space for misses and gives us the strategically effective confidence of delivering on time.


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Great Project Management
  • Technical Support
Dedicated resource Provider

Specialised Services

Dedicated Graphic Designer
Having a dedicated graphic designer gives you the free reign of implementing new graphical messages at anytime you want. You can employ our dedicated resources for creating webpages, logo, email templates, infographics, ad banners, and much more. With our dedicated graphic designers you would never have to compromise on boring, outdated designs. Let our designers add freshness and liveliness to your projects and campaigns.

Brightening up your campaign ideas
What do you do when you sporadically need a graphic designer? Obviously, availing the whole service package of a design agency each time you have a requirement would prove to be very expensive. So, what could be an affordable and quick solution? Our dedicated graphic designer is the one that can help you. Whenever or on whichever project you require graphical assistance, our designers, for the duration of the hire, become part of your team. They will change your ideas into brilliant and innovative designs that command audiences’ attention and fulfill the purpose of your project.

Let us develop and you keep posting
A dedicated WordPress developer enables you to make frequent changes in your WordPress web site/portal. You can implement your ideas and plans in real time. You can add or modify any new functionality in real time as you will have dedicated developers for your project. They will work only on your project and it gives a feeling that you haven't outsourced your work but you have your own team behind you.

With you, for you
When you hire a dedicated PHP developer from Innozant, you can work with the developer in a manner which suits you the best.For the period of hiring, the developer follows your guidelines and works according to your convenience. You get undisputed priority irrespective of the extent of your problem. The clients can also avail assistance on multiple projects from the developer. So, if you have more than one site that need maintenance or modification, our dedicated services serve as the most affordable and suitable solution.